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If you will like to help Forex startup business, Flagforex has a funding plan which allow dreams of ordinary people to become reality! This funding and investing solution is a unique way for ordinary people to invest in an attractive forex business company.


Will you like to be part of something big, creative and a rewarding experience ? 


If you do, we will like you to invest in Flagforex business. First off, we aren’t asking you to invest $10 000 or any where close to the sum. We are asking for a sum that you and i are comfortable with. It is an amount you are comfortable to pledge with, look at the list below and see which are the amount that you can afford to invest in us.

No hype and promises that Flagforex investment opportunity will make you rich overnight. We are confident that our services soon-to-be released will be revolutionary in the forex industry. Individual investors can participate in funding startups in which they may otherwise never have the opportunity to participate.

Every single dollar collected will be used for Flagforex expansion. We will also like your assurance that all money raised this way will be treated with care and deal respect.


Our Vision


We love the Forex Industry and we take pride in delivering quality products for the trading community. Our dream is to build people. Seeing the day when ordinary traders turn sophisticated and compete in the markets with other professional and institutional traders.

In 5 years, Flagforex will be the industry leading solutions provider in trading excellence through technological innovation and consulting to objectively meet unique challenges while focusing on traders self-awareness and healthy psychological development to achieve personal success and desired lifestyle.


Our Mission 

Flagforex will be the leader in providing innovative solutions through technology and services for clients dedicated to achieve trading excellence and personal success. We build expertise and develop people.

Flagforex will be seen as a valued partner of both clients and investors by engaging in a two way communication to address needs and encouraging participation to meet trading objectives. We partner to succeed together.

Flagforex is committed to deliver its brand promise and dedicated to provide industry standard products and services by upholding it’s core values in business conduct while maximizing investors returns. We nurture a balanced customer-investor centric culture.


Be part of the growing Flag Forex Brand


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If you pledge money with Flagforex, we expects you to share the same core values with us


Our Core Values :

We Innovate – We evolve constantly

Innovation is our forte. We believe that the only constant is change. The world’s political and business landscapes are evolving over time. Lifestyle and markets conditions are perpetually changing. So do our solutions. Traditional proven trading models may not be as optimal as it used to be. We shall capitalize on evolution through continuous improvements, research and development.


Competency – We place people first

We shall develop industrial deep expertise and core competencies to remain competitive and to serve our clients and stakeholders with the highest service levels while not compromising on the well being of the individuals. Likewise, our mission is to develop our clients trading competencies to achieve their desired goals.


Partnership – We listen actively

We do not work alone nor in silos. Your voices and your challenges are opportunities for us to grow, be better and justify our existence. We only recognize your successes as ours and by being your valued partner, we shall work and succeed together as one.


Quality – We deliver our brand promise

We shall deliver not only with the highest quality standards but exceeding our clients expectations. We ensure top quality deliverables at all levels from products to customer support and we are committed to provide the best customer experience. We aspire to bring you the value you need to be successful.


Ethics – We engage professionally

We shall conduct our businesses with integrity and honesty. We are committed to serve this industry for the long haul and we shall build our reputation through ethical practices, our code of conduct and the trust of our clients and stakeholders. We shall comply to all regulations as required by the authorities where our businesses are conducted.


We want to be a leader in forex software design and we work hard at it. It is not an easy task, but this is what drives the team behind Flag forex and why we are so passionate about. These core values are very important to us, and of cause to you as a potential client or investor too.


$50,000 Pledged and Looking to Raise More Capital for Business Expansion


We have pledge $50,000 into FlagForex business and will be looking to raise another $50,000 to $100,000 in the next 24 months. Once this amount is raised, this opportunity will be closed. We are interested in raising the amount of money we need and nothing more than that is required.


Amount Pledged

$50,000 pledged of $150,000 goal

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Note: Amount is denoted in  USD currency.


Where does the funds i contributed be used? 


The main purpose of raising $100,000 funds is for business expansion. Flagforex business need 2- 5 full time programmers in the team. We are prepared to find and discover good programmers, we have the time to discover them and the platform Flagforex provides willl offer them plenty of work experiences to hone their skills to become professionals.

We need money to train them, it takes time. While our businesses are growing, we need to ensure our monthly cashflow is strong enough for us to set aside resources to train these potential programmers to be proficient for the forex industry. Once, our monthly cashflow is strong enough and the amount of money is raised, we planned to set up an office in China.This is to build a technical team over there that is ready to support our global operations at the same time, ensure that we tap into the forex opportunities in China.

The market for forex software in China is big but it is a challenging market to enter. We don’t take any chances so we needed to be there early in their infancy stages. Understand their policy and culture before we develop products for the chinese market. Our products and services for the US, Europe and Oceania region will be supported by the technical team in China. This market will serve as our core strategy in Flag Forex business.


Why should you pledge money with us?


1. A Hungry, Ambitious and Driven Team

We have a team that is very hungry for success. We can turn an idea into reality from concept to final product within 3 short months. This could not have happen with a driven team behind it.


2. Inventing with a heart

Forex Trailer is the first product to compile 11 trailing stop strategies within an expert advisor to work in Metatrader platform. The decision was made to invest our time and efforts on an exit expert advisor because there isn’t a good and stable trading tool around that could provide trade management to retail traders at that time.

The fact is most vendor cannot get profit from this trailing stop market. It is simply not profitable as most of the belts and whistle go to developing profitable forex automated trading robots, investing their time in developing trailing stop robots isn’t a compelling option to do.

While most vendors overlook this trailing stop sector , we see the need for such trailing tools to be hugely promoted among retail traders as this is one of the key components for success in forex trading. Although, it may not be a venture that resulted in exploding profits, it is a venture worth while because of the importance of trade exits and risk management. Customers benefited most and have the most satisfaction from.


3. Products and Services Backed with a Strong Support

It is our service standard to provide a response to any customer enquiry with 24-48 hour. An inquiry will generally be solved on average 2-3 response by customer.


4. Crank out break-through services and products

We believe only in unique and great products that deliver. if a product falls short of being uniqueness, production of the product is stopped. Invention has driven mankind to test our limits. Just like that, we also believe in inventing to test the boundaries of  technology such that forex traders can reap the full limits of technological advances for forex analytical and trading tools.


It ain’t just about the money, it is your show of support for our work since 2009


No matter how much money is contributed, it is very much appreciated. We will ensure that the funds collected are put to good use for the benefit of Flag Forex business. By contributing to Flagforex, it is your show of support for the work we have done since March 2010. This act of support is very important to us.


 Back Flagforex Business Today : Your Pledging Options


If you believe you are the right person, shares the same core values with Flagforex, and showed great appreciation for our work, we invite you to be our investor. You can contribute under Flagforex brand in the following ways listed below. We encourage you to take the necessary actions today. Get involved in this new exciting business.

Together, we make great things possible! Please contact us by clicking on the link here to make arrangements on a possible investment. We will contact you shortly with information to proceed after you filled in the contact us form.  




Every Dollar Helps

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  • Entitled to Own Equal Amt of Share Worth at IPO*
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Own a Software

  • Put your name on the Gifter section at the supporter page
  • Entitled to Own Equal Amt of Share Worth at IPO*
  • Lifetime Access to One of our Product or Service
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Time Out with Team

  • Put your name on the Gifter section at the supporter page
  • Entitled to Own Equal Amt of Share Worth at IPO*
  • Lifetime Access to One of our Product or Service
  • Personal Consultation with Team
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  • Put your name on the Gifter section at the supporter page
  • Entitled to Own Equal Amt of Share Worth at IPO*
  • Lifetime Access to One of our Product or Service
  • Personal Consultation with Team
  • Choose to be Involved in our Projects
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* Amount pledged will entitled you to the no of shares equivalent to the amount pledged and share price before initial public offer(IPO) as determined prior at that time.


Ask a Question ? 

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