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Economic news events represent a great part of the pulse of forex market. Any major or minor reports of the day can send ripples throughout, prompting huge volatility in the market.

Volatility is good for traders to rake in profits but could also mean a huge risk if a trader is not aware and prepared for impending news.

In order to reduce risk exposure or take a great opportunity, it means you have to be aware at the right time prior to an important news event so that you can take the appropriate response on whether to tweak or stick to your trading plan.

This is why you need a news calendar alarm app as a companion to your trading needs.

Introducing fxCalAlarm

Available On Appstore

A forex economic news event calendar integrated with your calendar app.

Now you can be notified of important current economic news event on your smart phone, no matter where you are.

With just 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Set your alarm options


Step 2: Choose and add news events that mattered every week


Step 3: Be notified prior to the economic news event

Available On Appstore

Why is fxCalAlarm a must-have companion for your forex trading?

1) Fast
– Setup and update your economic news calendar within 5 minutes a week

2) Simple
– fxCalAlarm syncs with your native calendar app on news events which you deemed important to you.

3) Calendar mode
– Get a glance of important news event that matter to you weekly in your native calendar app

4) Notification
– Get notified prior to any important news event based on your own alarm settings

5) No more surprises!
– Don’t get caught with your pants down because you do not know that a important news event happened. Always be aware, be prepared to cover your risk or perhaps discover new trading opportunities

Gone are the days where you have to spend time scouring websites to be notified of economic news event. Being aware and notified of important news event is now possible on your smart phone with just a tap.

You do not need to look anywhere else for your economic news calendar feed for your trade planning.

Click below to get fxCalAlarm Today


Available On Appstore

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