ForexTrailer – Stop Pip Bleeding And Protect Your Pips With Trade Management

Forex Trailer is our first product developed for the forex trading community in 2010. A new forex trade management tool designed so that forex traders can take control of their trades by taking profit and exiting at the best time determined by price action.

An important fact known by the best in this industry all know that how traders managed their trade exits will ultimately results in how much profits they made. The importance of exiting a trade is an art. It takes a long time for one to get a feel of when to exit the trade.

The challenge then was that traders have no idea or no proper tool to manage their trades. Therefore such a thought rarely comes into their mind when trading the forex market.

We recognised this fact and took action back in 2010 to develop a tool such that it help retail traders to embark on a direct route to learn and execute proper trade managment. We consolidated the industry various strategies and methods commonly used by professional traders, and programmed it into a software.

In 2011, ForexTrailer webpage is visited by 8,184 traders (as determined by which shows that there is demand out there and it is rising.

Forex Trailer consists of 2 sure-way methods to lock those pips in when in profit and 9 unique ways for you to trail your profits closely. ForexTrailer serve as a trade management tool on automation, thus freeing tyour time and providing you with the much needed convenience.

They are composed of 2 mechanism that protect and secure profits for you.


Pip Protection Mechanism ( 3 strategies )


1). Partial Close

2). Breakeven Stop

3). Time Stop


These strategies automate the process of shifting stop loss to break even point when conditions are met. This protects pips and at the same time lower your risk of sustaining a losing trade.


Pip Maximization Mechanism ( 8 strategies )

This mechanism will lower the trader’s risk by securing pips after every closed of candle/bar by management of stop loss level while at the same time still providing the opportunity for trader to participate in longer term market behaviours.

Management of stop loss level guarantee a certain amount of profit maximising profit while at the same time lowering the risk. Included in this system is 8 exit strategies and divided into 3 categories:

1. Price Driven Trailing Stops

This category of trailing stops uses price to manage take profit and stop loss levels.


2. Indicator Based Trailing Stops

This category of trailing stops uses commonly used indicators like moving average to manage take profit and stop loss levels.


3. Special Trailing Stops

This category of trailing stops may use user’s money management plan to manage his take profit and stop loss levels. One example is equity stop.


Forex Trailer is a software used in our own trading account every day. It is due time to take control of your trading results and gained back the pip you lost. All of the existing exit strategies are designed having this one idea in mind:

“Let Price Determine When You Exit, 100% Emotion-Free Forex Trading”

You will appreciate Forex Trailer if you are a semi-automated, discretionary and manual trading forex trader. Forex Trailer is not another black-box trading software or trading tool you could get easily elsewhere. Rather, it is made so that users can customized and personalized the way you want your trades to exit.

Incorporating market dynamics with unorthodox use of common indicators, your forex positions will be trailed and exited with maximum profit. Exiting trades will no longer be an emotional subject with ForexTrailer.


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