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ForexGeometry is a unique  forex tool based on the use of trendlines to trade the chart patterns in the forex market.

It uses trendline as a trading tool to trade trendline breaks/bounces, support and resistance levels formed by forex chart patterns.

Most of the time in order to trade these forex chart patterns, you need to wait for the appropriate signals to appear before a trade opportunity can be taken. Analyzing and preparing charts for trading do not take much time but waiting for the signal alert will take some time, and to most people seems forever.

So what is the challenge here?

The challenge lies in waiting for the RIGHT signal to appear. Most people become impatient and hence in a state of delusion to “Trade At Any Slightest Indication Of A Pre-Signal”.

In this case, we needed to have an objective view ( emotion-free )  of the market by assessing the quality of the Forex signals and to perform Trade Entry Automation instantly when trade entry conditions are met (determined by your entry rules) based on a genuine signal that is generated.

There are 9 big problems trading with Technical Chart Patterns:


1.       Too Time Consuming

Trading chart patterns require a constant monitoring of currency charts during most of the active Forex Trading hours. It will be too time consuming to sit at the screen during Asian, London and US hours.


2.       Too Tedious

Working on a 24 hour market with multiple chart patterns forming on 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 240 min, daily and weekly charts will simply be too much for one to handle.


3.       Too Complicated

Chart patterns developed on different times of the day ( Asia, UK or US session ) delivers different degree of signal quality to the trader. The probability of a false breakout for Eur/USD during Asia session is higher than in UK session.

Fundamental factors like demand and supply and seasonal factors also affect the currency movement. Hence, it is important that traders programmed their exit strategies into a software like Forex Geometry so that their trades can be managed by the trading tool.

Without a tool like ForexGeometry, entries, exits and the various market factors will have to be fully assessed by the traders on the spot and a position entered will have to be manually exited throughout the life of the Forex trade.


4.       Too Challenging

The same chart when viewed by 5 people will be interpreted in 5 different ways. The level of subjectivity make trading technical patterns a challenging task. While it is a difficult-to-learn skill, the rewards are envied by many people.


5.       Too Many Technical Patterns Need Observing

Learning the multiple chart patterns and reading it from a live chart on a fast moving market is never an easy task for even the Forex gurus due to a degree of subjectivity.


What Can ForexGeometry System (FGS) Do For You?


–          Draw, Apply and Do Whatever You Want to Your Charts. Finally, Trade Them According To Your Chart Set-Up

Analyse the market and draw trend lines, support and resistance lines horizontally or at any angle anywhere on the chart and even on your favourite indicators for further analysis. Prepare the charts and trade according to your charts.


–          Trading Technical Chart Patterns

Since most brokers and books talk about the importance of chart patterns, we not only want to recognise these chart patterns but also to trade them. We created a bridge to connect the missing puzzle. No longer do you need to stick to the screen to trade these chart patterns, ForexGeometry has the technology to allow you to recognise the forming patterns and to automate trade entry as the patterns unravels to your Forex analysis.


–          Hands-Free Trade Entry/Exit Automation

Forex Geometry will make an automated trade entry  and exit according to your charting analysis. As market break resistance or cut across support levels, a signal is generated and recognised by the software to make an instant trade entry/exit  execution. This allow you to trade even if you are working or sleeping.


–          Emotion-Free Trade Management

Handling an ongoing trade can be pre-set by simply drawing a take profit level on the chart prior to making a trade.


–          Super Charting Technology – Delivering Complete Control in Trading Technical Chart Patterns

New technology recognises the trader’s chart analysis and executes the set of trading instructions by the trader in trading Forex Chart Patterns. Trading these chart patterns is simple, precise and fully automated.


–          Signal Generation Capability

Even without opting for the Entry automation, you can still have a signal generated by your analysis to inform you of a potential trade and get yourself involved in trade execution.


–          Filter Bad Signals Away

You can have lines drawn on your charts and indicators to work in tandem to help you eliminate false signals such as whipsaw scenarios to pin point genuine trade signals and thus highly profitable trades.


Now you could trade technical chart patterns like head and should pattern, ascending / descending triangle or flag by simply drawing the trend line joining each of the key level. Give this trend line an instruction on how it will execute trade actions when price break across this line or touch on rebound.

Trading your manual trading system has never been this easy with the power of automation.


Automated Tool For Manual or Discretionary Trader

Finally, a trading tool designed specially for the manual or discretionary traders. Your chart trading process can now be automated and trading signals can now be taken even if you are off the screen.

You can plot and adjust your trendlines in any way you want, set the relevant trade instructions and conditions to the trendlines and ForexGeometry will be set to execute your orders automatically when trade conditions are met.

Everything is done systematically without much delay, therefore there are no emotions involved with only the existence of absolute disciplined execution.


You can trade any forex chart pattern the way you always did on complete auto-pilot.


To find out more about this trend line ea, click on the link below:

ForexGeometry System


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