Flagforex 2015 News Update

Forex trading was started on a bad note when the debacle of franc unpegged from euro happened in mid January 2015. The exchange rate peg at 1.20 ( EURCHF ) was removed by SNB central bank and caused the collapse of 2 international forex brokers.

Our trading account with Alpari UK was affected. Luckily, we exited all of our franc exposure one day before the entire fiasco. This was a huge wake up call for us. Although, we are still in the process of getting the money back from the FSCS and for us to go through the entire ordeal was indeed scary. We hope that our subscribers do not need to go through such experiences again.

We studied and spent some time doing research. Our research shows that such incident may happen again in the future. To keep this article short, we aren’t here to hold a debate of whether such incidents are ‘one-off’ incident.

2015 Trading Goals

We will list out some of the goals that we will like to  achieve in our business and forex trading in 2015. By laying down some of these steps, we hope to increase our trading product range this year . And by doing this, hopefully we can minimise some of the volatility risk solely from trading a single market.

Here is the list:

  • Participate in ETFs instead of MT4 CFDs 
  • Transit to trading fx futures
  • Spend more time in strategy development and robustness
  • Achieve 10% return on investment for our accounts this year

We will be developing more trading tools to aid in trading our forex accounts this year. Some of these tools will compose of trading assistive tools and semi to fully automated algorithmic trading expert advisors.

For a long time, we haven’t been developing fully automated trading strategy because we haven’t find a commercial EA that can work. Hence, a long time supporter will know by now that we haven’t been releasing any trading software or expert advisor.

Get forex news alarm app

If you are still unaware, we launched a new iOS forex alarm app in February 2015. The alarm app allows the trader to select the news event from the weekly list and the alarm is automatically set n minutes prior to event happening. With the alarm app, the trader will not missed anymore trading news signals, or get caught in opened trades during an important news event.

The alarm will be added as a form of reminder events in your iOS app. You can manage the alarm set in this way via the fx news alarm app or go to the native iOS reminder app to amend, edit or delete the alarm. You can view the press release for more information or go to the iTunes store to download the app.

A change in direction

This year, you could witness a change in a different direction. We were so used to releasing trading tools to aid manual forex traders in their analysis and trade execution. In 2015, this will change. We could be releasing semi to fully automated trading strategies for the first time in Flagforex’s history.

In addition, the to-be-released strategies are the exact strategies we used in our live trading accounts. If you have any experiences or any thing you wish to let us know, feel free to leave your comments below.

Happy trading and be back soon.


  1. Alex Crabtree

    Take a look at this comparison between trading FX and e-Mini futures, especially S&P futures.I think this is a compelling article in favour of the e-Mini futures especially since the Swiss Debacle! That said, I know nothing of this arena, the amount of capital required etc. I trade the FX market but would like to know more about this e-Mini market, especially the minimum required for trading this market!
    Alex (UK). apexfutures.com/trading-tools/education/advantage-of-trading-futures/

    • FX spot have the highest leverage and the rest of derivatives market has lower leverage. For me, i think the E minis are great for trading commodities and global indexes. They work quite similarly to exchange traded funds but of course they have some differences in product specifications. Anyway, both market are exchange traded and will certainly be more regulated than otc fx spot.

  2. good luck buddy trading futures. If there is a flash crash or you screw up “executing” your trades, the losses you are liable are inescapable. You sign legal papers that allows all of your personal assets to be forfeited in order to pay for any debacle. My dear friend traded with Man Financial and look what happened? They were NOT 4x. They had thee most respected and “honorable” man at the helm and that CEO/founder robbed the clients, was dragged before congress, and got away with it. You tell me what is safe… really? The only supposed good thing about 4x is supposedly your limited , at least, to ONLY what’s in your account. With FUTURES, you are liable for 100 times whats in your account. Your liability is endless should a run away train event E V E R occur. My friend, with a 20,000$ futures account lost her Home and savings totaling more than $400,000.00. On one trade! Had it been a 4x account, it would of been just the $20,000 or less. See my point? Make NO mistake about it, big crashes (BLACK SWAN) events do and will happen and I am very, very sure the “BIG ONE” is coming. its a matter of when, not if. Now ask yourself, how will you minimize damages? Futures will totally destroy you!

  3. Thee! one thing that scares trades the most, is a fully automated system that goes haywire and totally destroys your account while your asleep/absent/not watching it in real time run. I don’t know of anyone who even wants to try and pretend that they could ever trust a machine not to fully deploy. Even parachutes fail. Nothing mechanical is fool proof. This is the hurdle your company faces. Project 21 (Jason Stapletons) new renko black box trading program is fully automated EA and they openly state NOT to ever walk away from EA while its running.
    Question: How do you trade 4x futures without putting up ALL of your financial assets as security? If I might add, it seems to me, perhaps the best way to get leverage and protect your self would be to trade OPTION contracts that deal somehow with 4x currencies?????? This, I would dearly love to hear YOUR opinion on. Options give you leverage, like 4x. but unlike “futures”, there is NO OPEN UNLIMITED LIABILITY should something/anything go wrong. Think about this. again, I really, REALLY would appreciate your thoughts on this. I don’t want to have to learn something new(options) but it seems to me that its the only obvious path go go down going forward. Lets face it, the markets are getting scarier by the year. Crashes, or all sorts, are the norm throughout history and I am convinced we havent seen anything yet! Prepare for the worst and never underestimate what the markets can do to you and on that note, what , in your opinion, would be safer or more lucrative than options? Please help the thought process here. I am not trying to sell you anything, just beg for open , honest discussion of how to play the game with thee LEAST amount of risk WHEN the markets go through unforeseen, unannounced major crashes and corrections.. Flash crash – out right theft and market manipulation. Government interference. You name it. So, what do you think? Again….futures?????? Are you out of your mind? Really? R E A L L Y ??????????? You will NEVER ever sell me on assigning over ALL of my assets in order to place futures orders. I ‘ve traded futures, with Man Financial. I would not trade futures with anybody. Regardless if the Broker is honest or not. Please respond. I very much value your thoughts. By the way, I know allot of people who trade FXCM broker and they are the “largest” and just one step from bankruptcy. So “big” and “public” and “most scrutinized” and “transparent ” broker on the planet did not spare them from market gyrations. Get my point? Just seems to me, with an option at least, all your going to lose is your bet.

    • Thanks for expressing your feelings about the fx markets and robot trading. I suggest that you can work with what you have and find ways to make money from it. Debating on these issues will not matter who is right or wrong. I cannot make it work if i don’t believe in it. If it doesn’t work, it won’t make us any money. So stop finding faults in the current systems, and start looking for new possibilities!

  4. I would suggest the semi automatic EA is the best solution. In other words you have to make the final decision to place the trade. I have used fully automatic EAs in live market conditions. What I have noticed the broker can easily place an algorithm in the back ground of your account to delay or reject your entry if the EA starts becoming profitable.
    Best of luck in your endeavours.

    • Hi Thomas, thanks for your reply. Yes, i totally agreed. We still believe in the human factor of trading the fx market. Totally agreed. We will do testing of fully robot ea and roll out slowly. Then, we will make the strategy stay updated with current market dynamics by revising the strategy parameters every quarter. The human factor is still deeply involved. It is just that the way we execute is different, Principles still the same, human is the brain behind in maintaining and keeping the strategy relevant. Fully automated across years will not work.

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