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As customers and investors of our products and services, it is important to know the values that we hold in our hearts, the passion and forces that kept us moving ahead, and what our products and services can help you as forex traders to achieve your goals.


Why our products and services matter to forex traders? 

Each product that are approved by the Flagforex team must first solve forex problems. Second, the problem should not be an easy problem that can easily be solved by retail forex traders. Thirdly, the final product that will be delivered to the customers must be unique, simple to use, and solve the  forex problems  for retail traders.


Our Core Values :

We Innovate – We evolve constantly

Innovation is our forte. We believe that the only constant is change. The world’s political and business landscapes are evolving over time. Lifestyle and markets conditions are perpetually changing. So do our solutions. Traditional proven trading models may not be as optimal as it used to be. We shall capitalize on evolution through continuous improvements, research and development.


Competency – We place people first

We shall develop industrial deep expertise and core competencies to remain competitive and to serve our clients and stakeholders with the highest service levels while not compromising on the well being of the individuals. Likewise, our mission is to develop our clients trading competencies to achieve their desired goals.


Partnership – We listen actively

We do not work alone nor in silos. Your voices and your challenges are opportunities for us to grow, be better and justify our existence. We only recognize your successes as ours and by being your valued partner, we shall work and succeed together as one.


Quality – We deliver our brand promise

We shall deliver not only with the highest quality standards but exceeding our clients expectations. We ensure top quality deliverables at all levels from products to customer support and we are committed to provide the best customer experience. We aspire to bring you the value you need to be successful.


Ethics – We engage professionally

We shall conduct our businesses with integrity and honesty. We are committed to serve this industry for the long haul and we shall build our reputation through ethical practices, our code of conduct and the trust of our clients and stakeholders. We shall comply to all regulations as required by the authorities where our businesses are conducted.


In summary, Flagforex team loves to invent. Every product we made so far are unique. They solve many forex problems and have set the industry standard. We want to be a leader in forex software design and we work hard at it. It is not an easy task, but this is what drives the team behind Flagforex and why we are so passionate about.


Principles of Product and Service Design


Principle #1 – Usability

The product must be intuitive and user friendly. The objective is to reduce the trader’s learning curve and minimizes the need to reference the user guides in times of stressful trading conditions. We recognize the effective use of a trader’s time.


Principle #2 – Customization

The product must be able to accommodate personalization except where such features would conflict Principle #1. The objective is to allow a degree of flexibility to suit individual trading styles. We recognize solutions that meet the needs of a trader.


Principle #3 – Automation

The product must be able to carry out trading operations in the absence of the trader, except where such features would conflict Principle #1 and #2. The objective is to eliminate emotions that affects trading decisions and reduces mundane tasks. We recognize the harmful effects of arising emotions during trading.


Principle #4 – Problem Solving

The product must be able to address complex trading methodology deploying divide and conquer approach, except where such features would conflict Principle #1, #2 and #3. The objective is to break down a complex trading process into manageable components. We recognize the importance of a trader’s toolbox.


Principle #5 – Planning

The product itself can be seen as a master trade plan at present or for future except where such features would conflict Principle #1, #2, #3 and #4. The objective is to allow the trader to have full control and accountability over the trade setup. We recognize the importance of trading discipline.


Our software has to be creative. Not only it be packed with many useful features, it has to be easy to use. The execution has to be sweet and user friendly. We are proud to release many new features in the Metatrader platform. It was a great experience to deliver unique products wonderfully designed to solve forex challenges.


Our Vision

We love the Forex Industry and we take pride in delivering quality products for the trading community. Our dream is to build people. Seeing the day when ordinary traders turn sophisticated and compete in the markets with other professional and institutional traders.

In 5 years, Flagforex will be the industry leading solutions provider in trading excellence through technological innovation and consulting to objectively meet unique challenges while focusing on traders self-awareness and healthy psychological development to achieve personal success and desired lifestyle.


Why do we at Flagforex.com want to see this happen?

This will mean that retail traders have equal or more access to the advanced trading capability that of a professional trader do. This will imply that people in the streets can for the first time in the history be able to manage their own financial assets, create wealth from market and trade like professionals do (if not better).

We are so concerned about retail traders because we are also retail traders. From the start, many products and services aren’t available to us and that is the main reason for us to set up Flag forex.


Professional Traders VS Retail Traders

In the finance industry, fund managers and traders are one group of traders that are paid very well. The reason is because they have the knowledge to extract money from the market (mass public) and they make use of the right tools to do that. And they do it a thousand times, learn and obtain valuable experiences which became their habit.

It takes a process to become an outstanding trader in the industry. And we hope to build people, introduce them to this process and bring them around this concept so that they can bring themselves to be as successful as institutional traders.


Can retail traders be as successful as professionals?

At the moment, it does not look easy. However, with our developing tools and education we set to bring into this industry, hopefully we will bridge the gap. Heard of this group of traders who call themselves Turtle Traders? A mentor was willing to provide the right education and guidance and this group of traders emerged to be highly sought after by financial corporations.

What if we could throw in a few professional software and trading tools? How would it help these soon-to-be-successful traders? Arm with the right education and with the use of professional trading tools, traders will be able to execute strategies not possible in the past with today computerised automation.

At Flagforex.com, we build people, develop highly sophisticated trading tools and seek to integrate retail traders into the professional trading community.


Our Mission 

Flagforex will be the leader in providing innovative solutions through technology and services for clients dedicated to achieve trading excellence and personal success. We build expertise and develop people.

Flagforex will be seen as a valued partner of both clients and investors by engaging in a two way communication to address needs and encouraging participation to meet trading objectives. We partner to succeed together.

Flagforex is committed to deliver its brand promise and dedicated to provide industry standard products and services by upholding it’s core values in business conduct while maximizing investors returns. We nurture a balanced customer-investor centric culture.


Why should you believe in us?


A Hungry, Ambitious and Driven Team

We have a team that is very hungry for success. We can turn an idea into reality from concept to final product within 3 short months. This could not have happen with a driven team behind it.


Inventing with a heart

Forex Trailer is the first product to compile 11 trailing stop strategies within an expert advisor to work in Metatrader platform. The decision was made to invest our time and efforts on an exit expert advisor because there isn’t a good and stable trading tool around that could provide trade management to retail traders at that time.

The fact is most vendor cannot get profit from this trailing stop market. It is simply not profitable as most of the belts and whistle go to developing profitable forex automated trading robots, investing their time in developing trailing stop robots isn’t a compelling option to do.

While most vendors overlook this trailing stop sector , we see the need for such trailing tools to be hugely promoted among retail traders as this is one of the key components for success in forex trading. Although, it may not be a venture that resulted in exploding profits, it is a venture worth while because of the importance of trade exits and risk management. Customers benefited most and have the most satisfaction from.


Products and Services Backed with a Strong Support

It is our service standard to provide a response to any customer enquiry with 24-48 hour. An inquiry will generally be solved on average 2-3 response by customer.


Crank out break-through services and products

We believe only in unique and great products that deliver. if a product falls short of being uniqueness, production of the product is stopped. Invention has driven mankind to test our limits. Just like that, we also believe in inventing to test the boundaries of  technology such that forex traders can reap the full limits of technological advances for forex analytical and trading tools.


Our Team


Warren Seah -R&D, Sales and Marketing

Charlie Ng -Operation

Peter Yu – Human Resource

Garret Tan – Programming

Dennis Bebeshin -Programming

Aleksey Usachev – Programming

Farrell Seah – Customer Relations

Khristela Maria Catig – Admin


About Warren Seah

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Warren Seah is co founder of Flagforex business, a powerhouse that provide consultancy to over hundreds of forex traders and fund managers worldwide. Flagforex main specialties are in leading software design, trade technology and automating key trading process leading to hands-free trading.

Author, Software Developer and a Consultant to Tech Trading the forex market, Warren graduated and holds a Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Business Degree majoring in economics and finance. Technology has changed the way financial markets operate for the better.

Warren knowledge of the forex market has been certified by Certified Forex Trader by Metropolitan Business School MBS Ireland (UK) in 2008. He built several profitable online businesses and was interviewed by a programme “Money Smart” hosted on Channel 8 Singapore MediaCorp Broadcasting Authority .

Flagforex has the answers to the trading freedom that you seek. It is why Flagforex products and services are designed to free a trader’s time from the market yet retaining his composure of his investments in the market. Forex trader will be amazed by Flagforex’s creations because they are the results of feedbacks received and their engagement with trading community over the years.


About Garret Tan

Garret Tan had obtained his diploma in Mechatronics Engineering from Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) in 1997 specializing in industrial robotics and automation. In 2001, he graduated from the Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Western Australia) with a bachelor degree in Commerce (Information Technology).

Over the years, Garret had held positions from software engineering involving governmental security projects to IT training in private schools before joining a Fortune 500 company serving the heavy machinery industry in 2005. He was hired as a technical consultant to manage its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. In 2008, he was given opportunity in the marketing division within the organization where he was exposed to strategic business development and corporate branding initiatives.

Presently, Garret is a key player at Flagforex and he is deeply involved in technology product designs, research and development in the field of currency trading. His technical experience, corporate business accumen and most importantly, his passion for currency trading is well positioned to take Flagforex to new heights. His is currently a part time currency trader and he has been very instrumental in research works on trading particularly in the trading psychology and modelling space.


About Charlie Ng

Charlie Ng is a co-founder of Flagforex business, where his passion for Forex trading which started out in 2008 gave him the chance to meet like-minded co-workers such as Warren Seah to set up this exciting new trading technology business. He shares the views of using trade technology to enhance and improve the quality of trading.

Charlie graduated from the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Charlie’s knowledge of the forex market has been certified by Certified Forex Trader by Metropolitan Business School MBS Ireland (UK) in 2008.

He has 4 years of trading experience under his belt where he has researched, analyzed and reviewed till date up to 19 automated trading systems, has given him much insight into the future of trading technologies of Forex trading.  As an overseer in operations of Flagforex, he needs to maintain the cohesiveness of the team, quality of the products and support day to day so that operations will run smoothly.

From time to time, Charlie also contributes by coming up with trading software concepts and ideas that are infused with the essence of successful trading habits and practices. This infusion is to allow traders to trade Forex in structured and disciplined manner without compromising on the proper Forex education/lessons that Forex traders should be practising in their day to day trading process. This concept is also shared by all the team members who believe in proper Forex education through the use of trading technology.



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